Resume Writing: How Paraphrasing Tools Can Assist?

Some think that writing a professional resume that can help people to get their dream job is very easy. But that’s not true at all. This is one of the hardest parts for writers to write such powerful resume.

The resume should be well-optimized, properly formatted, with no grammar mistakes, and in a professional tone. All these things make a good impact on the recruiter and persuade them to hire the person.

So, after doing research for a while, I have found aneasy solution that can help writers in writing a perfect resume. It can help them in various ways like, keeping the professional tone in it, making it clear for recruiters, etc.

I am talking about online paraphrasing tools.

So, in today’s article, I’m going to see how paraphrasing tools can assist in writing a resume.

What are Paraphrasing Tools?

The online tools that workto replace words with synonyms and also restructure sentences without even changing the context of text are known as paraphrasing tools. It utilizes advanced AI-based algorithms that enable the tool to make changes in the text.

These online tools are found to be very useful for writers who are working to write a resume for their own purpose or any client. Don’t worry. In the next heading, we will see how they can help in resume writing.

How Paraphrasing Tools Can Help in Resume Writing?

So, here I am going to talk about how these online tools can help writers in resume writing.

Craft a Perfect Summary for Resume

If you have ever created a resume before, then you know that, the summary is the most important part of it. The summary is a very short introduction of who you are, what you are doing, and how you can provide value to the organization you are applying for.

It allows recruiters to get a quick overview of whether you’re capable of working in their company or not. However, keep this in mind, your summary should be short and to the point (like 3 to 4 lines, which is approx. 80 words).

Writing a very long summary can give a terrifying look to your resume, which is not good when applying for a job in an organization.

So, in this case, you can use a free paraphrasing tool that will help you craft perfect summary for your resume.

It will analyze the input summary, and then rephrase it by removing unnecessary words, and also change bland words with professional ones.

This is how the summary will look more unique, informational, and persuasive,which will surely make a good impact on the recruiters.

Even, when I have also used an online free paraphrasing tool to optimize my summary, and it helps me land my dream job. Let me show you an example of how a rephrasing tool can help to craft a good summary.

The summary I have used is taken from Resume Worded (a resume summary generator). Now, the paraphrasing tool we have used for making it a perfect summary is Paraphrase Online.

From the above image, you can get a clear idea about how an online free paraphrasing tool can help in writing resume.

Give a Professional Tone to Resume

As a resume writer, one thing that I have learned the most is, that recruiters always appreciate those resumes that are written in a professional tone and properly formatted.Trust me, tone is what matters the most when the hiring recruiter interview you or review your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

So, if you are working hard to get your dream job, then you should focus on using a professional tone in your CV. It will make a good impact on HR and persuade them to give you an interview call.

However, picking a professional tone can be difficult because it is different from the casual one. There are some examples of such words:

Casual Tone Professional Tone
Use Utilize
From now on Henceforth
About Regarding
So Therefore

If you fail to use a professional tone in your resume, then you can also use an online free paraphrasing tool.

Such online rephrasing tools provide multiple modesthat work to alter the tone according to the audience. For instance, if we review the same above tool, Paraphrase-Online, we can get five different modes (only two modes are free).

I have used its “Sentence Rephraser” mode to see whether it gives a professional touch to the text or not. It has really changeda few simple words with professional ones. This means it can give a professional touch to the resume text.The output is shown below.

So, this is how paraphrasing tools can help in writing a perfect summary.

Add Clarity to Resume

Last but not least, paraphrasing tools can help to create a perfect resume is, it brings clarity to it. Clarity can be defined as how easy and clear the resume is for recruiters. Keep in mind, the more clear your resume will be, the more chances you will gain to get the job.

To make the CV clear to read, you should avoid the following:

  • Complicated words
  • Lengthy Sentences
  • Using Incorrect Subject-verb Agreements

Instead of these, you should use the following:

  • Use easy synonyms instead of complicated words.
  • Use short sentences (like 10-15 words) instead of lengthy sentences.
  • Use correct subject-verb agreements, like if you are a boy, don’t use words like, she, her, etc.

This is how you will be able to create a perfect and clear resume.

However, if you find difficulty in making your resume clear and readable, then an online paraphraser can help you with this.

When the free paraphrasing tool analyzes the text, if it finds such jargon in the text, it will replace them with easy ones. This will make the resume clear for recruiters to read.

Let me show you how an online tool can make the resume clear and readable. The tool we are using here is the same as we used above.

So, this is how paraphrasing tools can make the resume clear and readable for HR.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, writing a perfect resume that can help you to get your dream job is not easy. For this, your resume should be perfect in every way so that recruiters get engaged with it. So, I have talked about paraphrasing tools that can help you write a perfect resume. I have discussed some benefits of using a free paraphrasing tool while writing a resume.

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