A large number of candidates apply for the GATE ECE exam every year, therefore the competition is tough and this, in turn, tends to high GATE cut-off marks in ECE.

Candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam in February 2023 should be familiar with the best books for ECE 2023 exam. Preparing with the best study material is the priority of the candidates aspiring to score ranks under 200 to clear the Gate cut-off for IIT in the upcoming exam.

On that note, let’s go through a list of top GATE ECE books recommended by the experts that you should refer to cover the GATE syllabus of in a well-structured way and build clarity over your concepts.

Best Books for GATE Electronics Communication 2023

It is crucial that candidates prepare each section separately. We have recommended reliable books for each of the 10 sections of the GATE ECE syllabus.

Analog Circuits

Microelectronic Circuits: Theory and Applications

Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith is a comprehensive book that explains the ABC of Analog Circuits in great depth. The principles are described properly and are simple to grasp.


Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

The book is excellent for circuit analysis because it explains solved examples step by step. Each chapter contains an explanation of concepts as well as their practical application. It makes no difference what level of network theory you had prior to reading this book; once you read it, you will understand the principles with ease.

Control Systems

Automatic Control Systems

B.C. Kuo’s Automatic Control Systems is a comprehensive book that covers all topics thoroughly. The book includes various diagrams and images to help readers better comprehend control system topics.

Signals & Systems

Signals & Systems

This is an effective book on Signals and Systems, and all concepts are presented in an appealing and thorough manner. Many examples are provided to help clarify the approaches and concepts.

Digital Circuits

Digital Logic and Computer Design

The book is fantastic, and practically all students and readers recommend it for GATE and other tests. It covers most of the issues that aren’t covered in many books in a straightforward manner.


Principles of Electromagnetics

This is the book that will help you understand the ideas of Electromagnetic Theory. The solved examples are very relevant and will be useful in GATE exams.

Electronic Devices and Circuits

Semiconductor Physics and Devices

This book covers all of the concepts in a very basic language, with appropriate challenges and explanations. There are numerous problems for practise that provide perfect conceptual clarity.

Analog and Digital Communication

Principles of Communication Systems

This is a highly regarded reference textbook in the field of communication systems engineering. Each chapter always begins with an introduction that connects the previous chapter, and each chapter includes multiple objective self-test questions that serve as a self-check of the concepts taught.

Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics

The ultimate book for basic comprehension and problem solving. This book is sufficient for GATE exam preparation. The proofs of ideas and the quantity of solved examples were thoroughly discussed.

Quantitative Aptitude

A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

The main reason to utilise this book is that it offers a large number of practise questions, some of which include recommendations for solving issues. There are also solved problems in the book.

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations

This book covers every facet of various competitive examinations’ numerical ability portion. Throughout the book, numerous examples have been utilised to explain principles and problem-solving strategies. This book gives students and applicants a thorough understanding of the types of questions that will be asked in these tests.

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